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Letter: So, what the hell do we do now?
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We live in a culture filled with violence in real life, in the movies, in video games and in posted YouTube videos. Fixing the breakdown of the family unit, complete with love and discipline and structure, will be the first step to bringing our social relationships into a realm of sensitivity and togetherness.

We are losing generations of children and young adults to the dregs of social media. People don’t talk to each other; they text. Instead of reading history or the classics, they are watching violence and that is de-sensitizing their brains to the reality of violence.

I don’t remember such hatred and uncivil behavior in the 1950s. Entertainment was a reflection of life. Shows like Ozzie and Harriett, Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver gave us life lessons in a kind way. The 1960s brought us violence with a purpose: those of us who were against the Vietnam war, but nothing like the senseless violence we are experiencing today with mass shootings -- and for what purpose? Just mimicking a video game.

Guns are not the problem. It’s the monsters using the weapon. It could be a bomb or a knife. It’s the polluted mindset brought on by the disconnect in our relationships because we are so addicted to the games on our tablets and iPhones.

We need to heal our culture, not ban guns.