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Matthews is best suited for sheriff
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Two candidates are in the race for sheriff of Kershaw County. James O. Matthews and Sammie Tucker Jr. The names are in alphabetical order. Let us compare the known facts about the candidates.

Matthews has a four-year degree from the University of South Carolina. Tucker has a high school diploma. Matthews has never declared bankruptcy. Tucker has declared bankruptcy twice. Matthews’ house has never been threatened with foreclosure. Tucker’s house has been threatened with foreclosure.Tucker has not made a house payment since 2008. Matthews has 30 years of police experience at all level from rookie to senior executive. Tucker has a few years with the Highway Patrol. Matthews retired from the DEA as a GS-1801-15 Step 10 (this is equivalent to a full colonel in the U.S. Army or a Navy captain). Tucker spent a few years as a Highway Patrolman. Tucker was in the Navy as a lower ranking enlisted man. Tucker was not a Navy officer. He was discharged as an E-3, or Army Private First Class (PFC). Matthews has never failed to pay federal and state trust fund taxes. He has never owed any. Tucker is in arrears for taxes for about $200,000. Matthews has extensive experience in police administration and training. Tucker does not. Matthews has extensive experience in personnel, Equal Employment Opportunity, Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Federal Labor Relations Authority. Tucker does not. Matthews has terminated a successful private detective agency to devote his full time to this campaign. Tucker has not. Tucker has had little success in the business world. Matthews has extensive experience in the budget area. Matthews has administered multi-million-dollar budgets made up of appropriated fund tax dollars. Matthews’ accountability has never been questioned. Matthews has managed seizure funds. Tucker has not. Matthews has walked the walk and talked the talk; Tucker has not. Matthews has excellent credit. Tucker does not.

Based on all of the above, is there any doubt that James O. Matthews is best suited and best qualified to be sheriff of Kershaw County?

The voters have a choice of a failed business man (Tucker) or a very successful professional law enforcement officer and business man (Matthews).

You can print this and let the voters decide on Election Day. After all, a free press is essential to a free country. You claim to inform the public. Inform the public.