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Paper waste comes from all directions
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“Think Green,” “Reusable bags,” “Recycle Paper” and many other phrases urge us to conserve paper. Obviously, two large groups have not understood the message. On each mail delivery day we receive between five and 13 pieces of waste mail. All are dropped, unopened, into the trash.

First group: insurance companies telling me, as I turn 65 years old, only their supplemental is good with Medicare. Obviously, neither my reading ability nor cognition has raised since third grade

The second group: politicians. What are these begging letters and signed photos from New York, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia and even Minnesota? To South Carolina hopefuls: for ignorable messages, keep using sheets of paper and envelopes. For important, crisp, clear delivery, follow the examples of several men: send a 5-by-7 inch postcard. I read them. I will vote for a parsimonious man. Campaign managers must realize the public is deluged with too many envelopes of mail.        

You know what I like and respect? Men and women who are not afraid to “go on record” in the only form of communication we all know will be available to read 50 years from now, interview series proclaiming the candidates’ opinions and agendas in the newspaper.