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Reader: focus on dog owners, not breeds
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Regarding your editorial in the Nov. 14 C-I regarding “Pit Bulls,” I was disappointed that you chose to use the two recent incidents in Kershaw County as an opportunity to condemn a particular breed of dog, instead of focusing attention on the actual problem, which is the lack of responsible pet ownership. This would have been an appropriate time to support the passage and vigorous enforcement of laws that focus, not on breed, but on people’s responsibility for their dogs’ behavior. These include measures that hold owners of all dogs accountable for properly housing, supervising and controlling their dogs; breed neutral “dangerous dog” laws; “leash laws” that prohibit dogs from running loose off their owners’ property; “anti-chaining” laws; mandatory spay/neuter laws; strict regulation of “backyard breeders” and “puppy mills;” and stronger penalties for individuals convicted of dog fighting.