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Reader: We dont have to worry about our sheriff
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It was recently reported that nine counties in our great state of South Carolina have been convicted or are in the process of convicting their sheriff on some kind of wrongdoing (breaking the law). The sub-headline was labeled “others in trouble,” meaning other sheriffs. The main headline was about ex-Lexington County Sheriff James Metts, who became the ninth sheriff convicted. All nine of the sheriffs are serving time, awaiting trial, received time or performed community, and one has died. All of these charges on these nine sheriffs were not misdemeanors. In other words, these guys knew what they were doing. They took a sworn life oath on the Bible to uphold the laws, not to break them. To top it off, there are only 46 counties in our great state. This means nine out of 46 counties possessed a corrupt sheriff. This also means approximately one-fifth of our state’s county sheriffs were corrupt or badly out of line recently. Just think about this for a minute or two. Are there more? I hope not.

Our Kershaw County Sheriff is Jim Matthews. My point in the above long paragraph is: we, the citizens of Kershaw County, do not have to worry about this. Isn’t that nice? Think about it. Thank you, Sheriff Matthews. Really! This comes from a lot of citizens.

P.S. If you see a deputy or any officer of the law, thank them big time, too.