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School board needs leaders like Wood
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It is a true blessing in our lifetime to stand up for a “cause” or to support people who will breathe life into that “cause” and see it through. I was fortunate to meet so many great citizens in Elgin while going door-to-door campaigning for a seat on the Kershaw County School Board. It was truly an enlightening experience. I believe I must have met over 400 people during this brief journey, all of whom shared their thoughts and opinions with me.  Everyone seemed to share the same strong conviction of support for our children’s education. I was moved beyond belief and it will continue to be a positive motivator throughout my entire life.

As a military veteran, high school teacher and coach, I see the dedication our teachers and administration invest in our children. I see the drive and determination of our students to succeed. I also see those special parents who volunteer their precious time to ensure they do their part in helping this great “cause” we call education. I met one person, in particular, during this campaign who impressed me right from the start on her passion and vision for education. She, too, had a calling and a “cause” which propelled her forward. I was so impressed that I gave her my word, that very day, if my campaign was not successful in getting me elected, and a runoff occurred, without hesitation I would give her my support.

I personally thank everyone who voted for me in this election and I strongly encourage all 258 people who did vote for me to vote for Nissary Wood in November’s election. This is a nonpartisan race; however, I encourage every Democrat and Republican to vote for Nissary. Her “cause” is a shared one with everyone in the district and this is not the time to play party politics. Our children are too important to draw those lines. Let’s draw the lines on getting an active, positive parent who is a tireless school volunteer and leader we can trust on the school board. Vote Nissary Wood for School Board, November 2nd.