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Sheheen a proven leader
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Our state has suffered for too long because of a chief executive who has been unable to work with members of his own party, much less cross party lines to work for the best interests of South Carolina. According to most polls, we are on the threshold of continuing that trend.

Nikki Haley’s record as a legislator is undistinguished; Vincent Sheheen’s record in both chambers is intuitive and broad in scope. 

Ms. Haley’s political ads, at best, are misleading. They refer to Sheheen as “Vince.” I have known Vincent since he was a child, but have never seen that appellation until recent ads against him. One can only surmise the reason.

 The Lexington legislator has helped her constituents by tapping into the same so-called “slush fund” that she references in an attempt to discredit Sheheen. She makes vague references to “reclaiming” the government, but her party has controlled both the executive branch and the legislative branch, of which she herself is a part.

Her “plan” of action consists mainly of powers delegated to the legislature. While it is true that a strong governor working with the General Assembly can make great strides, we have seen how counterproductive state government has been when the executive and legislative branches are unwilling to compromise. Sen. Sheheen has the support of his own party and has proved his ability and willingness to respect the ideas of people with other interests and strive for consensus. Based on her past performance and associations, there is no evidence Rep. Haley is willing or capable to develop accord. There is apprehension that she would be an ideologue in the mold of her mentor Mark Sanford.

There is also concern she would be a tool of Howard Rich and his ilk, which use voucher and tax credit ploys as a promise to reform education. Sen. Sheheen is a product of public education and his children attend public schools. He has supported public education monetarily and legislatively and understands the necessity of improving educational opportunity for all South Carolinians.

Ms. Haley boasts that her experience as an accountant qualifies her to lead the state, but she seemingly can manage neither her own family’s nor her parents’ financial affairs. Her unwillingness or incapability to file and pay personal and business taxes on time does not instill confidence in her ability to head up the state's Budget and Control Board.

Sen. Sheheen also has trumped Haley’s platform issue of transparency by voluntarily releasing phone records and emails, something his opponent has yet fully to do.

It is a given that any office seeker who is a Democrat will be linked to excesses of national Democrats on the extreme left. Vincent Sheheen is not seeking national office; he wants to be governor of South Carolina. His values reflect those of most residents of this state. He is a dedicated family man whose love for his wife, children, parents, and other family members is well known. He is a devout Christian. Although neither is a veteran, he, like Haley, has family members who have honorably served this country. His attendance at functions of local American Legion and other veterans’ organizations has demonstrated support for veterans. He does not advocate taking away any citizen’s rights including those guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

The major impetus of Ms. Haley’s campaign has been the endorsement of someone who resigned as Alaska’s governor and abandoned the citizens she promised to lead. In contrast, Vincent Sheheen is a proven leader -- in the House and in the Senate -- and has the ability and vision to work with those bodies to get South Carolina moving forward and away from being the brunt of national ridicule. I urge South Carolinians of all political thought not to take a chance on our state’s future; make a choice. Vote for Vincent Sheheen Nov. 2.