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Sheheen needs to address critical questions
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Mr. Sheheen has not answered questions regarding his positions on two critical issues: 1) How would you treat the attorney general’s lawsuit to challenge the Obama health care issue? Would you de-fund the lawsuit moving forward or support it? and 2) Are you planning to reapply for the TARP funds that Gov Sanford refused? There are strings attached to the TARP funds: the states must spend it according to federal government prescription causing South Carolina to be “owned” by the federal government, thereby giving up states’ rights?

Mr. Sheheen is following the cues of the Obama regime by challenging money contributions from whomever instead of addressing the issues that resonate with intelligent South Carolinians who will not be distracted by petty allegations jettisoned at the last minute. Please tell us how you will attract new business to our struggling state. Don’t engage in personal attacks to promote yourself.