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Thank you from the FRC
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The board of trustees, executive director, staff and volunteers of the Family Resource Center are still celebrating our successful annual meeting and fundraiser event held at the Robert Mills Court house on November 29th. The poignant and vital urgency of our mission to help victims of sexual violence, child abuse and teen pregnancy and to provide support for their families as well as education to the community was made clear to all who attended through the eye-opening talk given by the senior resource attorney of the Children’s Law Center of the School of Law, University of South Carolina, Thomas J. Leclair, who challenged us to confront and deal effectively with the fact that South Carolina has the dubious distinction of being on bottom in the nation in regard to children’s abuse, endangerment and neglect. Although our theme, “It’s time to get involved” calls for greater awareness and support from the community, it also allowed us on that evening to see how many people are already deeply concerned and involved.