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Tucker is 'agent of his own undoing'
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Based upon the information he has provided for public consumption, Sammie Tucker Jr. is neither qualified nor suited to be sheriff of Kershaw County. Mr. Tucker does not pay his bills. Mr. Tucker does not pay his taxes, and Mr. Tucker has not filed his required campaign material with the S.C. Ethics Commission. He appears to have allowed his automobile insurance to lapse. Yet Mr. Tucker wants to be elected sheriff.

Mr. Tucker was a member of the S.C. Highway Patrol for a brief period. He does not have additional legal, criminal justice or law enforcement training or experience. That experience which he does have is out of date by at least 10 years. Mr. Tucker claims on his website to have been in the Navy and was “police”. At that time, the U.S. Navy did not have “police” or Military Police. The U.S. Navy had Shore Patrol, which was not a naval specific police specialty. He does not have the qualifications to be sheriff of Kershaw County. He should explain his qualifications or lack of qualifications to the voters.

Mr. Tucker’s myriad of financial problems have been, to a degree, brought to fore. The interview he gave the Chronicle-Independent was deficient in many ways, and was extremely self-serving. He admitted that he had not made a house payment since sometime in 2008. On the other hand, he claims to have paid the $2,900-plus filing fee to run for sheriff of Kershaw County with his personal funds. He also stated he could not pay the initial payment to the IRS, asked for a reduced payment, and was still paying the IRS and the S.C. Department of Revenue. If he could not pay his house payments, or his taxes, where did he acquire the money to pay his filing fee? Mr. Tucker should release a copy of his credit reports for voter review.

Mr. Tucker’s present situation does not lend itself to inspire the trust, faith, and confidence a candidate for sheriff should project. Mr. Tucker’s present situation only raises more questions.

Based on the above it does not appear that Mr. Tucker is qualified nor does he meet suitability standards to be Sheriff of Kershaw County. Contrary to the image of the victim he attempted to portray in the Chronicle-Independent interview, Mr. Tucker is not a victim. The people, the taxpayers, and the businesses he did not pay are the victims. Mr. Tucker is the agent of his own undoing. His personal actions led to the conditions under which he now finds himself.

As of Wednesday, according to S.C. Ethics Commission electronic records, Mr. Tucker has not filed a campaign disclosure document with the commission since May 24, 2010.