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Tucker will stand up for voters
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I was undecided initially about who would be the best candidate for Kershaw County sheriff. However, after reading the article I realized who would be the person with the character needed to represent the people of Kershaw County. It’s my belief that despite these financial woes, Mr. Tucker is a man with the integrity and determination to represent the people.

I’m troubled by politicians who outright lie and find ways to undermine an individual at any cost. I don’t believe we have time or any interest to support a politician that bases his campaign on being a mudslinger.

Yes, Mr. Tucker had financial challenges; but it appears that he looked out for the best interest of his employees, and dealt with his taxes at a later time. So I’d definitely want a sheriff who would put me before his personal needs (personal or otherwise). Since he has avoided stooping to his opponent’s tactics, he’s the candidate anyone would choose to support. His character is one of a man who will stand for what he believes is right, and validates his worthiness to serve as our next sheriff of Kershaw County.

I don’t see or understand how people can elect a person who elevates himself by telling half-truths and trying to destroy another to serve in public office. Despite this type of campaign, Mr. Tucker refused to stoop to the level of his opponent. So, to the voters of Kershaw County, take a moment and look at both candidates and their overall campaign for sheriff and vote for an individual who will represent and stand for you and your family at any cost. That man is Sammie Tucker and he deserves your vote for this very important election.