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Vote 'solid no' for new taxes
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Soon the registered voters of this county will go to the polls and cast a vote for an untimely proposition. This vote will determine whether the taxpayers and people that are in transit will have to begin paying an additional tax on everything that is bought in this country with the exception of food and related items. This is not a time in the history of this county for taxes to be raised for any reason. The uncertainty of the economy at this time is beyond predictable. With all of the backbiting that is taking place in this state and the nation, no one can predict what is going to happen.

   The vote for a so-called “capital projects improvement” will be on the ballot for all to vote for or against this matter. I would urge all to vote “no,” the simple reasons being these so-called improvements do not address all of this county, just special areas. Camden will be the primary recipient for most all of the projects. There are other areas of the county that are not mentioned, such as Cassatt, Antioch, Charlotte Thompson, Lugoff and others. Why all of the sudden does the recreation department need to improve their status. The only reason for the use of this money is ballparks, recreation office with a kitchen, (most businesses in the county do not have a kitchen for the employees’ use that I know of.) A waste of money at this time. Another library in Blaney? For what? The one that is in use still can function and serve the area of Blaney. Most of these items are wants and not needs. The only real need that is proposed is for a new water system in Bethune. Why should taxpayers in all areas of the county pay for a system that only those in Bethune will use, unless each taxpayer is going to go to Bethune for a drink of water. When did the leaders of Bethune realize that a new water system will be needed? Did they (the Bethune Council) not know that sometime in the future the old system would have to be replaced? Where were the fees from the water spent from those on the system at present? Is there something that says that the county has to replace the water system since the county has gone into the sewer system business? NO! Does this not put a bidder out of a chance to build a water plant? Does the county need to operate a countywide sewer system? Greed seems to be the only answer. Why?

   Why all of a sudden does Kershaw County Hospital need an urgent care facility? Is greed the main reason for this, so the money spent for these services does not go to another county? The cost for this unit will be in the excess of $9 to $10 million that will be spent on this project. How much was the cost of changing the name of the hospital? Ten million, more, less, how much? This money could have been put to a better use such as a new unit. How much money was spent on the satellite unit in Blaney? Could this unit have been put to a better use by the incorporation of this urgent care unit in the Blaney unit?

   How many of the Kershaw County students will use the Central Carolina Technical school and where will the money generated from this unit go? Will this money be retained in Kershaw County? Probably not.

   What about this barn for horses? Who will be able to use this and what will it cost a county resident that has paid taxes to build this building to see a so-called show to attend? Since when can tax money be used to build for privately owned concerns? Will the taxpayers be getting a dividend check when all is paid for and the money has begun to “roll in”? And the money for a study of the infrastructure of an industrial park that has been in existence for how long?

   The only option open for all taxpayers to save themselves further taxes is to vote a solid “no”. It seems that these committee members are walking around in a fog. If the county could fire the school board, maybe it could initiate a tax that would be spent only for the classrooms that are in need of our tax dollars. Let the people appoint those that would try to conserve money and not throw this money away on a building with a façade that is cosmetic and does nothing for the education of students. Far too much money has gone into a glass wall and leaves students with having to pay a fee to represent the school in the field of sports. Time to put this option to an end.

   Fire the school board

   This “so-called” improvement project, if it is to be built, will be for the future for those that will wonder what this county had in its mind in a hundred years from now when those that would pay for it are dead and gone. Maybe.

   If so much time went into a study for this project and very little time for the public to be informed, what happened? Now a propaganda brochure to fantasize and hoo-doo those that might think it is the way to go. NO! NO! NO! Now these so-called meetings to inform the public is just another way to hoodwink the public. This is a farce when only a few concerned citizens show up for the first meeting with questions and answers were a done deal. No one had the opportunity to ask any kind of question. Good night, see you later, that’s all.

   All of this has a stench that reeks with “taxation without representation”. This country was founded because of this self same quotation. At that time, muskets, black powder, lead balls and a determination to rule and govern this nation free from those that wanted to rule everyone and that everyone had to obey these rules. I do not advocate lawless and insurgent rule to regain control from those on council, but for the last twenty years fifteen years of twenty years taxes have been raised. Enough … enough.

   The time has come for the voters in this county to use the ballot box as muskets and the vote of each as bullets to end the practice of spending on a four-vote say-so.

   Vote on Nov. 2, 2010, to remove all of those up for re-election, put the incumbents out of office, change the way Kershaw County does business. Let the people decide if costly things that are “good for the county” be the rule and not four council votes.