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Writer troubled about DeVos confirmation
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As a Kershaw resident who has had over 25 years of experience as a teacher and administrator of independent (private) schools in the United states as well as being head of the American School in El Salvador, I am troubled by the vote of our two South Carolina senators for (Betsy) DeVos as Secretary of Education. Anyone familiar with the inequitable and painfully inadequate educational environment and opportunities of the students in rural areas of South Carolina and especially down the I-95 Corridor (known as the Corridor of Shame) is aware that the vote for Betsy DeVos was a vote against our children. She, who brings no experience, no proven strategies and no enlightened research to aid South Carolina in financial or professional leadership, but whose millionaire family, in fact, contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Republican senators (of which our own S.C. Senator, Tim Scott, received more than $48,000) should not have been confirmed.