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Yesteryear - Dec. 4, 2013
60 YEARS AGO -- Dec. 1-4, 1953
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High school girl’s data on Battle of Camden to be used for class study A Camden High school girl’s reply to a Greensboro, N.C., student’s request for historical data about the Battle of Camden will be used for the subject of study in an adult history class in the Camden High School. The student who wrote the letter on the battle is Miss Ann McKain of 407 Greene St., daughter of Mr. and Mr. Joe E. McKain. As a result of a letter to the Camden Chamber of Commerce from Miss Jane E. Tate, of 402 North Cedar St., Greensboro, N.C., Miss McKain, with the assistance of several other members of the Camden High school history class, compiled an outline of the Battle of Camden, and incidents leading up to the battle, which was forwarded to the young North Carolina history student.