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Yesteryear - Feb. 12, 2014
45 YEARS AGO -- Feb. 10-14, 1969
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Bethune bank announces credit card The Bank of Bethune has announced plans to provide Bank Americard – the all purpose credit card – to the public in the Bethune and McBee areas. T. W. Wilson, president, said arrangements have been made for the bank to offer this revolutionary new revolving credit service through an agency agreement with the South Carolina National Bank, which is the BankAmericard licensee in South Carolina…. History of Holly Hedge One of Camden’s most elaborate homes of its day, famed for its grounds and gardens, was Holly Hedge, still an elegant residence on Green Street. …The three-story house is unique in that the kitchen and dining room are still in a structure separated from the main building, as was the old custom in order to guard against fire.