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Yesteryear for April 25, 2017
24 YEARS AGO -- April 23-29, 1993
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Although several supermarkets in Camden boast bakeries, Mulberry Market owners Peter and Fran Rowland say they are confident their new bake shop at 536 E. DeKalb Street will fill a niche the supermarkets have just been too big to fit into. The Mulberry Market, which opened Friday in the building once occupied by the old Camden Bakery, is a community bake shop run by hometown people, which Peter Rowland said separates his operation from the bakery/delis of the bigger stores. As he cut a huge slab of dough into sections to be formed into loaves of bread, Rowland explained he wanted the goods from his establishment to be a step above those from other places, thus the decision to make his own dough fresh, mix his own fruit fillings and use an imported brand of pure butter only available to professional bakers.