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Yesteryear - July 10, 2013
23 YEARS AGO -- July 9-13, 1990
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All-Male revue to highlight annual Fine Arts Center Gala Gentlemen beware! You may be approached this week by “talent scouts” searching for starts for an all-male revue, to be held in September at the Fine Arts Center. The 45-minute variety show is to be the highlight of the annual FAC Gala, which is held each fall to acquaint and reacquaint the public with the affiliate clubs of the FAC and to promote the sale of season tickets to the musical and theatrical productions of the 1990-91 season. …Sandra Ives, co-chairman and director of the revue, is hoping to have one “Elvis” as a headliner and perhaps appearances by such stellar entertainers as “The Church Lady, “Liberace,” “Tiny Tim” and “Small George” will be on the bill as well, she says. …Shag instructor Price Brown will perform, and Larry Hembree, FAC resident theater artist, may be back in town in time to do his championship hula-hoop routine, says Ms. Ives. …Dawn Mason of WPUB radio will be the emcee.