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Yesteryear - Oct. 16, 2013
18 YEARS AGO -- Oct. 16-20, 1995
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Field Days to re-create Revolution Sept. 2, 1780 -- “You are hereby authorized to embody as many of His Majesty’s Loyal and Faithful subjects as you can assemble in the neighborhood for the purpose of arming, disarming, and securing the Rebels and protecting the country and friends of the gov’t.” – Order from Lord Charles Cornwallis to Capt. Duncan McRae. Nov. 4-5, 1995 -- Lord Cornwallis orders His Majesty’s “Faithful Subjects” from as far away as Virginia, Florida and Tennessee to assemble and secure Fort Camden from the “Rebels” at Historic Camden’s annual Revolutionary War Field Days emcampment. According to Historic Camden Director Joanna Craig, Cornwallis, portrayed by reenactor Tom Tucker, will be on hand to lead the King’s army into the battle skirmish scheduled at 1:30 p.m. Nov. 4-5.